Family Groups

Family Groups

Be a part of this opportunity to serve & minister by hosting, leading, or being a part of a family group. Groups meet every week, every other week, or monthly for 6-12 weeks.

Groups are a place to grow in Christ and connect with others.

•Grow spiritually•Care tenderly

•Minister giftedly•Encourage warmly•Pray fervently

•Share sincerely•Reach-out compassionately

•Receive graciously

Our current groups are as follows:

** Duren/Burgan - @ Burgan’s, Contact Brena for dates

** 410 Group (N of 195) - Contact Bro. Neal for info on time and location

** 410 Group (S of 195) - @ Oliver’s, Contact Bro. Neal for info on time

For more information contact Neal or Brena